Automation & Integration

Newest trend in home electronics is home automation. The idea of interconnecting all of your house gadgets in single logical controllable system which designed around you and controlled from any location, has been hunting home owners for many years. Recent advancements in networking, wireless and computer technologies has brought to masses devices enabled with communication features, allowing anything from your home theater to garage door and everything in between to be connecting into single controllable environment – in another words Smart Home.

We pride ourselves in being able to develop customized solutions for any existing and new smart home owners tailored specifically for customers’ budgets and exact requirements. To keep your options open we do not carry any specific brand of automation equipment. This allows us to integrate automation systems based on any common technologies. When retrofitting customers’ house we may use either X10, Insteon (power line communication) or Z-wave, ZigBee (wireless communications) based devices to eliminate any need for extensive construction. Or in the case of new construction which can be wired for any proprietary systems, we can integrate solutions from Crestron, AMX, Savant, HAI, Colorado vNet, Control4, and others.

Typically new to the automation customers start with home theater environment by unifying audio, video equipment with lights and blinds into single learning remote control for one button operation. Then after getting comfortable with operating from single console, they advance to more sophisticated lighting and climate control for the entire house, which usually lead to great savings on their energy bills, and additional comfort features, such as having ability to turn off or put on all house lights from single location. And advanced users usually automate every aspect of their house into single control environment from timed coffee maker to sprinkler systems. Every home automation system is custom designed to fit your budget and needs, please call for more information.
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Multi-zone audio system allows customers to have their favorite sound played throughout whole house or office and even have different source playing in each designated zone. We specialize in integrating whole array of different multi-zone system manufacturers such as Nuvo, Russound, Xantech, Colorado vNet, Crestron, AMX, SpeakerCraft, S1Digital and many others/p. Depending on your environment this installation package typically includes:

  • Installation and connecting any type of multi-zone distribution amplifiers

  • Installation of your multi-channel Surround Sound System

  • Installation of all equipment in the media closet

  • Installing in-wall, in-ceiling, floor standing, bookshelf or satellite speakers

  • Concealing wiring for the speakers in between the walls (if possible) or installing wireless speakers

  • All construction work is on us too

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  • All above services available for both Commercial and Residential environments

  • All installations are performed only by professionals with minimum of 3 years of experience

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Installation of your multi-zone system control options for each room. Connecting any quantity of multi-room audio and video zones. Each room can have touch pad or screen remote control.

  • Installation of all equipment in the media closet

  • We can design and built a media closet that will hold all of your equipment

  • All equipment will be controlled with a network or a single remote control unit

  • We will help you choose right equipment to completely fit your budget and requirements

  • Custom design and work for each customer

  • We will design, build and supply any necessary equipment, so you will not have to look for any parts of the system yourself

  • Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New York, NYC and New Jersey areas