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We Specialize in custom TV Installation in New York



TV Installation & Home Theater Installation in New York

A unique and exciting Home Theater and Tv Installation requires precision. For over a decade our custom installation jobs have always been unique and no two clients have ever had a job anywhere close to similar. With experience from over 300 manufacturer installations, TV Installation by 5163co. is well qualified to customize your home with its unique Home Theater Installation or TV Installation, satisfaction is guaranteed. This same experience we’ve gathered in the field has also been useful to our partners by sharing the techniques that we developed in the field we also improve the overall standards that have to be met by our competitors in the area, which will ensure that when you are getting this type of service, you are guaranteed to get the best quality and unique design for your home.
Our Home Theater and TV Installation requirements are exacting and unique as our clients. For over a decade no two designs, nor two clients, have been alike. As installers for over 300 manufacturers, TV Installation by 5163co. is uniquely qualified to meet your Home Theater and TV Installation demands, and fully guarantee your satisfaction. The improvements we discover in the field through our years of experience have been of great help to not just us but to all of our partners as well. With these advances in our field of work we have raised the bar not just for the services we provide but the services provided by our competitors as well.

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